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The 8-week program that turns burned out, self-driven women into powerful authentic trendsetters. 

Are You Hitting A Dead-End?

I get it. Life pulls you in every which way. You are experiencing relational problems, loss of a loved one, financial strain, terminal illness, political anxiety, and low self-worth. You are practicing self-care routines, yet the results are not fulfilling nor sustaining. 

You would not be human if you did not experience any of these problems. What I can tell you is that there is a real, proven way to disrupt this cycle and be the one who shows up every day with the power of your unique self to lead the change that you and this world needs. 

~ Even in global uncertainty.

~ Even if you hold a high business position.

~ Even if you work from home or stay at home with the kids.

~ Even if you have not succeeded in previous self-care routines and barely show up each day.



For burned out, self-driven females who want to embrace the power of their temperament and show up every day with power and true authenticity.

What Makes This Program So Valuable?

The value that you see in yourself! 

You give to this world what you view you are capable of giving. And if what you give is just getting by from day to day, scrapping at the bottom of the bucket, then to what use is it? You are not thriving, nor are those in your present surroundings benefiting from your uniqueness. 

To be able to show up each day with vitality, usefulness, conviction, purpose, love, sympathy, and permission to be the person that you are called to be, you need to allow yourself the power to renew your unique beauty and gifts that only you have to offer to this world. 

In these 8 weeks, you will be transformed into the star that you are by:

+ Designing A Life That You Love

+ Learning To Live Without Regret

+ Profiting From Your Choices

Begin today to value yourself and start your regenerative self-care journey now!

Investment Cost 

$1800 USD

Re:SELF is more than just an 8-week program. It is a powerful tool that can be used to help you grow and become the person who you want to be. This investment requires energy, a willingness to grow, and organic self-responsibility. Please only sign up if you are seriously ready to shine the light on your true temperament, ready to change the course of your life and are open to being coached with both love and truth.

Next Re:SELF Program Begins 

February 16 - April 6, 2022

Every Wednesday @ 10AM PST

After going through this 8-week program and implementing the simple weekly action plans, you will learn how to show up confidently each day because you know your unique temperament and how to align that with who you want to be. You will have a healthier body and outlook from incorporating regenerative lifestyle practices. You will have a more genuine human connection with your friends, family, loved ones, and co-workers as a result of understanding who you are and using your temperament for good.