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It's time to shine the light on your personality and leverage the power of who you are so that you can fulfill who you want to become.

What Naturally Lights You Up?

It’s your unique experiences that shape who you are while also being the drive for what you need.

Do you eat a whole box of chocolates as your way to unwind? 

Do you work when you’re stressed or chill out in a bubble bath? 

Are you the life of the party or does the thought of crowds of people intimidate you? 

Do you accept the truth or argue the facts? 

Do you often times think of others before yourself or do you eat the last piece of pie?

Is Your Personality a Liability OR an Asset?

No matter if you enjoy eating the last piece of pie or your choice to destress is to chill in a bubble bath, your unique personality can be one that hinders you or can give great quality in your daily life interactions. Your temperament has the power to lead you to a state of flow.

Find out your temperament with this specially curated assessment test, where you will be able to illuminate your current personality and learn how to change your negative temperaments into positive ones. 


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The Power Lies In You

Take advantage of this powerful tool that reveals what motivates you and characterizes you as an individual. 

Instantly determine your style of communicating, how you work with others, and your strengths and challenges. 

Are you ready to illuminate your personality?

One Easy Payment of $199

Re:ILLUMINE is more than just an assessment test. It is a powerful tool that can be used to help you grow and become the person who you want to be. This investment requires energy, a willingness to grow, and organic self-responsibility. Please only sign up if you are seriously ready to shine the light on your true temperament, ready to change the course of your life and are open to being coached with both love and truth.